CMMA 2021 - Conference on Migration & Media Awareness

28.-30. Oktober 2021 in Hamburg

The agenda includes 10 sessions split into four main areas addressing some of the most pressing issues of today.

Media: Investigative Journalism and Community Media Countering Disinformation Through Media Literacy.

Migration: Thanatopolitics - immigration, Racism and Build capacity and a wider base of civil society organizations to engage in the compacts process on safe, orderly regular migration and lift regional and aligned political advocacy goals.

International Affairs: Climate crisis  and Pan Africanism 

Culture & Arts: Decolonize cultural and media spaces, Strengthen and building alliances.

Build new Counterculture Narrative.

Beside plenaries and workshop sessions, the conference will offer participants to engage at the open INFO-MEDIA Exhibition which brings together more than 30 community media projects promoted by people with or without flight and migration experience newcomers migrants and refugees with plenty of networking time and opportunities to learn, reflect and connect with peers and experts.